Meet Dixiedee


Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my Dixiedee Blog!! I am a brown hair hazel eye southern California country gal living in the LA area. So although I live in sunny Cali all my life, I feel I have a little Southern in my heart.

I started this country music blog because I wanted to make a place to share about my favorite country artists and groups, delicious recipes from my own, family, friends and celebrities kitchens, country artists/groups Q & A and also anything else that is related to country music. My main goal for my blog is to be liked and loved by many country music fans around the world. Have any questions/comments??? I can be your personal country music assistant by just sending me an email to dixiedeeblog@gmail.com.

Since a being a young child I have been to countless concerts. My first concert I attended was when I was just 9 years old. My parents and older sister surprised me with tickets to see the Spice Girls in Las Vegas for my birthday. My first country concert was Tim McGrath and Faith Hill in 2006. Going to many different country concerts/festivals has allowed me to meet very different and artistic humans that I am lucky to call my pals.